STAT-EI was founded in 2022 to provide a unique, holistic combination of technologies that introduce intelligence to the renewable energy market. Stat-EI has partnered with NextNRG LLC to take the technologies developed by Prof. Sarwat to the market. NextNRG LLC leadership has extensive expertise in leading the world for green technologies.

Our innovative solutions are based on patented technologies created by Prof. Arif Sarwat at Florida International University. These patents were trained using the largest data base in the market and to improve efficiency by up to 10%.

For the electric vehicle market, STAT-EI offers static and dynamic wireless power charging solutions. Our unique wireless power transfer (WPT) charging solutions architecture increases the charging efficiency to 93% within 12 inches of clearance. Additionally, this architecture uses simpler, cheaper, and more durable components.

STAT-EI’s management team combines extensive entrepreneurial and energy industry expertise.

The STAT-EI engineering team are seasoned professionals who helped develop the technologies Prof. Sarwat’s lab at FIU who apply this expertise to customize our solutions for our customers.