POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS – Systems and methods for power management and optimization

Smart Microgrid Controller   |   PEACE System




-Smart Microgrid Controller

-PEACE System

STAT-EI’s smart microgrid technology combines different power sources, including renewable ones, to improve the power system’s resiliency. Our controller can connect and disconnect from the grid through a grid-forming inverter, which can perform ‘black start’ to restart the grid independently when it is down. In addition, our microgrid controller autonomously establishes frequency and control voltage. It can optimize power output, battery state of health, resiliency, increase savings, and user-defined priorities to the location. Our controller uses data collected by the sensors to optimize the system so it is equitable, reliable, secure, affordable, and flexible.

Key benefits of Smart Microgrid Controller

  • Black start
  • Reliable ‘black start’
  • Frequency and voltage control
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence-based dynamic response
  • Dynamic islanding
  • Local distributed energy resource and battery energy storage system controllers
  • Load shedding
  • Two-way energy flow
  • Environmentally sustainable


STAT-EI’s PEACE system uses an inverter to establish a seamless three-way connection through between a photovoltaic cell or system, an energy storage unit, and the power grid (e.g. AC grid). The external grid is an optional source, making embodiments applicable for remote
installations without access to the utility grid. Our PEACE system operates on multi-layer processing architecture using our patented specialized PEACE controller and analytics software—an amalgamation of physics-based and data-driven architecture. Our PEACE system delivers an optimized, resilient, and continuous supply of power for users including critical emergency and mission control operations. Our modular and effective PEACE system meets user demand through available ESU or the external grid. This system is scalable, and can accommodate small portable solutions and large power plant applications alike.

Key benefits of PEACE

  • Improve Power redundancy
  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Improve resiliency
  • Sustainable